HYIP Hosting Requirements

ARM HYIP Manager Script is a PHP-based application and it should be installed on a server in order to run HYIP Website.

The minimum system requirements that your web server must meet in order to run ARM HYIP Manager Script:

  • Linux/Windows OS, Apache Web Server
  • PHP Version 5.2 Or above
  • MYSQL Version 5.2 or above
  • Minimum Web Space - 200 MB
  • 2 GB RAM Recommended or more
  • Memory limit set to 32MB or more

The Following Extension are required

  • GD library
  • CURL
  • Mcrypt
  • Mail Server
  • Cron job management is required for interest calculations

Web Browser support

ARM HYIP Manager Script has been tested to work on the latest versions of all the most common web browsers (eg. Firefox, Chrome etc...).