Frequently Asked Questions


What are the minimum system requirements?

To Install the ARM HYIP, you should have the following system requirements

PHP Version 5, or above MYSQL Version 5 or above

Is there to be any special PHP settings?

There is no special Settings needed to run the ARM HYIP software. Only you have to set up Cron.

How do I check my server configuration is right for your ARM HYIP?

To check the Server configuration, you can contact your host provider.

What are the payment gateways that your script support?

The Default Payment Gateway in ARM HYIP are Listed below, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller , Payeer , Paypal ,Bank wire, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay

Can I see a demo of the script before ordering it?

Yes, please visit our Demo page. You can see what are the members' area and admin area look like there.

Can I test your script on my local server?

You cannot test our script in localhost.

Is banner's are included with the script?

No banners are not included. You have to order banner seperately

How much is Template integration Cost?

Template Integration Cost is : 50 $

What is Template Integration?

Template integration means - Integrating the PHP file with the HTML Template files.


Is the purchase price a one-time fee or annual?

The purchase of ARM HYIP is one-time fee. We do not charge any annual fees.

How soon will I receive my download information after purchasing?

You will receive your download information very shortly after your order is confirmed.

I don't have a domain yet. Can I still purchase ARM HYIP?

Yes! You can purchase ARM HYIP now and update your registered domain name later.

I want to purchase more than five licenses. Is there a discount?

Yes. We offer substantial discounts for purchases that include more than five licenses. Please contact us and let us know how many licenses you need.

Can I get a custom quote on bulk license purchasing?

Yes, we can provide substantial discounts for multiple license purchasing. Please contact us using the contact form with information on how many licenses you're interested in purchasing. We will respond promptly with a price quote.

What are your payment ways?

We accept orders from Egopay , Perfect Money , Western Union , STP ,Okpay and Payza . If you want to pay with any other payment mode please contact our sales team by chat .

How to Buy the ARM HYIP Script?

You can buy the script via online. By choosing the option of “order” in our site - http://armhyip.com/order.php.For other Payment Methods Please contact us at: support@armhyip.com

How to get the ARM HYIP script after I buy it?

Once we received your order with domain name we will send script by email to you . Mostly you will receive script in 3 hours time.


Do I get support with my purchase?

We provide free support for 7 Business days.

What type of issues does support cover?

Our support team will assist with initial Software installation, general questions related to the script and technical errors encountered during the normal use of unmodified script. We cannot assist with customization of the script.

How long do I get support after purchase?

We offer 7 days of free support with your purchase. You can extend the support for a nominal fee.

How long does it take to get a response from support?

All your queries will be responded within 24 hours.

Can I purchase extended support?

Yes, once your support expires you can purchase extended support for a nominal fee.


How do I install ARM HYIP?

To install ARM HYIP on your server,you will receive instruction in email once your order is confirmed.

Can ARM HYIP be installed in a subdirectory or ARM HYIP?

Absolutely! You can install ARM HYIP on any location on your server.

How do I move my installation to a new server?

First, check to see if your new host provides a migration service. If they do not, you can move the installation yourself by exporting your MySQL database using cPanel or PHPMyAdmin, downloading all your ARM HYIP files to your computer desktop, importing your ARM HYIP database on your new server, and uploading your ARM HYIP files to the new server.

Do you offer free installation?

Nope, We are offering Installation Services for 35 $.

Can i use ARM HYIP on multiple domain ? or just for 1 domain ?

You can install the script in only one domain. If you want to install in multiple domain then you can get multiple license from us.


Can I hire ARM HYIP to write custom HYIP/customizations?

Sure, we are offering customization services. Please contact us using the contact form with information on features that you need. We will respond promptly with a price quote.

Are there any templates available for ARM HYIP?

We have readymade templates for ARM HYIP; you can select the template from here

How to order the design or a banner?

You can order us a custom unique design and/or banner you want any time. Provide us your requirement - basic info about the design you want us to create using the contact form. We will reply to you with the Time and price.

Template Design

What is the difference between Normal and Unique Template

Unique Template means , once you have bought the template we will mark that as an SOLD OUT and also we are offering Free Template integration for unique template.

Can i buy Template alone?

Yes , you can buy template alone. If you order Normal Template means we will send you Index HTML file .If you order Unique template means we will send you HTML + PSD File.

Once i bought Normal Template is after that i can upgrade to Unique template?

sure you can upgrade from Normal template to Unique template . You can pay the remaining amount and buy that template as an Unique.